Monday, March 26, 2012

Everyday Beauty

Thank you to everyone who stopped by here at bleu hydrangea after my first post!  It's exciting to see some Followers on that sidebar, too.  :-)

Right after Christmas, before I purchased my new camera, I took some shots around my house to capture the beauty I see from day to day.

An aqua Ball jar that came with our house.
One of a set of beautiful cobalt blue glasses
from my husband's grandmother's collection.

Ceiling medallion in our dining room,
set against a pale plum ceiling.
(paint color is Phlox from the Martha Stewart line)

I love this hat box, bought at Target on clearance 13 years ago.  I remember  buying it when my 13YO was tiny.  It sat on a shelf in the nursery for a long time, but now it houses flowers for crafting.

Our house, built in the 1920s, features these
glass doorknobs on all interior doors.

We upgraded to a queen size mattress only last year (we had a full-size before that).  I love the romantic, vintage
style comforter from Bed Bath & Beyond.
It reminds me of Anna Griffin stamps and papers.
Thanks for joining me!


Friday, March 16, 2012

French-Inspired Bathroom Re-do

We recently renovated our only bathroom, changing the color from dark hunter green to a Benjamin Moore color called "Barely Teal".  To me, it looks like crystal clear water from someplace tropical.  It is very serene.

To get the placement of everything just right, before making nail holes, I traced each item on a large sheet of kraft paper (I have a huge bolt of it from a commercial supplier).  Then I attached those paper shapes to the wall with painter's tape.

This is a close-up of an antique mirror that was my grandmother's.  It hung in her laundry/sewing room, by the back door.  I've had it in storage for 13 years.  I'm so happy it now hangs where I'll see it every day and be reminded of her.

This little plaque was bought at a garage sale.  I love the stone feel (though it's lightweight resin) and incredible Old World detailing.

The texture of the new towels is so amazing, and so very soft (TJ Maxx bargains).

A daylight shot of the focal wall.

The mercury glass container is from TJ Maxx; the tin baby cup and silver plate are antiques.

This Parisian framed print is also from TJ Maxx.  Can you tell I go there often? ;)

I made this shelf when I took a woodworking course at our local high school's Adult Course Program.  It had been stained with a cherry finish, but that didn't work in the 'new' bathroom, so we painted it crisp white.  The mercury glass candlestick is a clearance bargain from Target ($3.12!), and the silver pitcher is vintage.

And here's Cristabel, mid-yawn-and-stretch.  She looks ferocious, doesn't she?

Thanks so much for joining me today!

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