Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter and Tablescapes

Hello!  I have some pictures to share with you today, some taken on Easter, some just after, as I was putting away the silverware.  It was a bright sunny day, and I had fun arranging things on my dining room table to photograph.  Enjoy...

Fruits of labor:  the Easter morning egg hunt.

Cristabel watches as the eggs are opened.

Loot from the eggs gets divided into bowls.
Can you see the heart-shaped moth on the screen?

Delicate paper carrots...or turnips.  I've used a picture frame as a tray.
Bought these at Tuesday Morning for a couple of dollars each.
I'm sure someone's wondering why I took so many pictures of flatware.
These belonged to my grandmother, and I don't take them out often enough.

I love the way silver twinkles.  I even love it when it is tarnished.
When my in-laws moved South, they let me look at their tag sale items first.  
I chose this cream and sugar set.

A close-up of a silk flower arrangement.

This German-made teapot belonged to my father's mother.
I love the delicateness of it.

Peace and blessings to you,


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  Tomorrow we'll be having dinner here for some of our family, and the day will be busy with an egg hunt for the girls as well.

I wanted to share a few spring decorations that are on my living room coffee table with you:

Plastic eggs, in blues and purples.

A sweet bunny, with a crackled finish.

A bit of the front door wreath.

I love mercury glass.  This candlestick was a Target bargain - $3.00!

Thanks for joining me!


Sunday, April 1, 2012


More than a year ago, we visited Charleston, South Carolina for my BIL's lovely wedding.  I took some photos of different sites there, and want to share them with you.  Please keep in mind, I did not have my awesome new camera back then, and did the best I could with a point-and-shoot.  ;-)

Snapshot taken while driving through town.
An old rice plantation, Drayton Hall.  The tree-lined drive up to the house.
Drayton Hall.
A tree on the property.  Amazing how it leans!
The plantation is not climate-controlled, or even furnished.

A pretty gate leading into the servant's kitchen below the house.
A beautiful semi-circle over the doorway.
This must've been magnificent in its heyday.
A famous ceiling medallion in Drayton Hall.  I bought a porcelain
Christmas ornament that looks just like this at the gift shop.
Detail of the ceiling medallion.

View from Drayton Hall toward the water.
Trinity Methodist Church, established 1791.  It was right near our hotel.
The following photos are taken in the front of the church.

I'm anxious to get back to Charleston.  There is so much to see and do!

Thanks for joining me!

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