Friday, September 21, 2012

Garden Survivors

Too many months have passed since I last posted here at bleu hydrangea.  I did not intend for that to happen, but sometimes Life makes other decisions for you.  ;-)

The summer here in the Northeast was dry and hot, as it was for many other places.  Despite frequent watering by hose, many of my plants and most of the lawn succumbed to the extreme weather and browned out.

I do have a few flowering plants remaining that I dubbed my 'survivors'.  Bless their hearts for hanging in there, long enough for me to get photos before Autumn officially arrives and puts them to sleep.

I love ivy.  This tendril grew through the wicker child's rocker, and I let it be.
Coleus must have loved its protected home on the porch; it really thrived.
Purple Torenia, looking as good as it did the day I planted it months ago.
Ruby Red Pentas, an annual.  This plant did so well, I will probably put it in the garden again next year.
Sweet Autumn Clematis.  This was here when we moved in 17 years ago, and does really well every year.

Buddleia, otherwise known as Butterfly Bush.  This is a miniature variety, growing to about chest-height.
Good old geranium.  I am grateful it continues to bloom, with such bright blossoms greeting me every day.
This hydrangea sports bright purple blooms in the summer, and deep rose and pale green in autumn.  

This is what the blue hydrangea looks like in the fall.  No sign of blue at all!
Here's what it looked like back in the middle of June.  
As the summer drought went on, the blue hydrangea blossoms began to wilt
and change to brown.  I preserved some before it got too late, and
store them in a large acrylic container.

When it rains, we bring in the porch cushions.  Cristabel thinks
she's a Princess (well, she is) and loves to lay on them!

Thanks so much for joining me today!

Peace and blessings to you,
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