Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Garden

Hello friends!  Last weekend, my husband and I transformed the front garden bed.  It's been needing work for years.  The "before" pictures show a blah-blah-blah front yard, with a straight garden bed and ripped-out bushes.
The bushes we had planted there more than a decade ago didn't do well.  The azaleas were relocated about two years ago, and seem to like where they are now.

Not my photo (photo credit). I can only wish my euonymus bushes looked this good!
The euonymus bushes got infested with scale and shed leaves continually, looking spindly and weak.  (A woman who works at the plant nursery where I bought our new things said, "I always steer people away from euonymus bushes.  Just say that word out loud, real slow:  'you-wanna-mess'" - LOL, and it's true!)

I know it's not all that exciting to see, but I am THRILLED that we have a new shape to the bed, and bushes, and a tree, and some perennials.  We need mulch, and some annual flowers, too.  This was enough work for one day, let me tell you!  My big strong husband cut out the sod with just a shovel, God bless him. He didn't need to go to the gym that day. ;)

Here are some flowers from the back yard:

We inherited a patch of these irises when we moved here.  These have the sweetest perfume.
Another inherited beauty, though no perfume.  
A viburnum hangs over my fence from my neighbor's yard.  So pretty!

Lilies of the Valley from our yard, another inherited plant.  We don't have too many,
but these few gave me pleasure on my kitchen windowsill.
More inheritance.  These irises never grow above a foot high, and are very fleeting.

Thank you SO much for visiting today!

Peace and blessings to you,



Linda R said...

What a wonderful looking home you have. I think all that hard work paid off. It looks great.
And so many pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing them with us!


lynn said...

your new landscaping in lovely, colleen! love the height the tree gives the corner area. and the flowers are wonderful! i'm still waiting for something to bloom!

Karen McAlpine said...

Great job!! Looks much nicer!! I just love spring flowers. My Lily of the valley are not bloomed yet. Irises won't be bloomed for weeks. So, I have really enjoyed see your pretty blooms. Thanks!!

Benzi said...

Great photos, Colleen! You are having so much fun with your camera. Good job on the new landscaping. Love your irises...just gorgeous. I think your neighbor's overhanging tree/bush is a viburnum. Look at this!
I have a viburnum and recognized thoses leaves. Mine is different and has a different bloom.
Thanks for sharing your garden. I am still wanting to get some of my garden photos on my blog. I just can't find time. It is rather maddening.

Ellen said...

I love your garden redo Colleen. I just did one of my front beds and didn't take any before pictures :( You have inspired me to take pictures of the after though! Your bed looks lovely with the new plants. I love the tree anchoring the corned, surrounded by plants. Your back yard must be gorgeous with all of those beautiful flowers. I adore Irises and want to plant some more. I only have a few. Thanks for sharing your garden!!!

Nan G said...

Thank you for sharing your yard with us. Good redesign on the front planting bed! Oooohhh I just adore Irises! I miss my yard in Denver so much during the spring; with the hundreds of iris that would bloom. Loved the scents from some of them. Lucky you!

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