Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Blooms

It's definitely Spring here in the Northeast, and flowers are surrounding my house.  With the warm winter we had, Mother Nature is a little "off", and some flowers that used to bloom all together harmoniously have followed their own schedules instead.  My favorite bed of irises, peonies and geranium (cranesbill) didn't look quite as spectacular as it has in earlier years.  Some of the best pix I have of that bed date back to when we didn't even own a computer or a digital camera, so I can't easily show you.  ;o)

A rose from my garden, in a bouquet I arranged for the dining room table.  This one is very fragrant.

Bouquets of roses, peonies and irises, elevated on a crystal cake pedestal.

This container is an old soap dispenser I had used in the bathroom.
The pump stopped working, but the vessel is in fabulous, shiny condition.

I like the way the crystal pattern is reflected in the chrome vase.

Taken with a telephoto lens, I'm surprised at the clarity of this pic.  This bunny sat directly
in the center beneath our trampoline for hours.  Couldn't get the reflection of his eye to go away.

I have several clusters of chives in the garden, grown mostly for the flowers.
We always forget to use them in our cooking!

Our azaleas have never looked better.  They've just really taken off this year.

My favorite iris, so sweet is its perfume.

Yes, this is my clothesline.  ;o)  I thought the two clothespins looked neat against the blue sky.

The clematis that came with the house.  I got 7 blooms out of it this year - whoo hoo, banner year!
Thanks so much for dropping by!

Peace and blessings to you,



Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Our iris' are stunning this year. We have some really pretty full gigantic grape iris that smell grapish! The roses are doing well and peonies etc.

Chris R. from Iowa

Benzi said...

Beautiful photos of your lovely flowers, Colleen. I like that soap dispenser idea...very pretty indeed. Cute bunny, too. Very interesting clothesline photo...I don't even have a line. Someday, I'll get some of my gardening on my blog.

Linda R said...

Such pretty photos you have here. I just love the last two.. Those close pins on the line look so cool!


lynn said...

your flowers are so pretty, colleen! love the bunny, since bailey came to live with us, bunnies stopped visiting:(

Maria said...

Wow! Gorgeous pics! Love the beautiful flowers! Stunning vases! A sweet bunny, too! We have two baby bunnies running around here recently. They keep teasing our dog otside our front window.:)

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